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Setting up your Salesforce connector in CaliberMind is easy and can be accomplished in a few clicks.

How do I get started?


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Is my data secure?

Absolutely! All data is encrypted-at-rest and in transit using AES-256. All data is stored in Amazon Redshift and is compliant with SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, PCI DSS Level 1 requirements, and FedRAMP, and HIPAA eligible with BAA available from AWS.

Additionally all sign-ins and tokens are verified using click-to-approve OAuth 2.0 -- meaning you never have to worry about someone having a password to your database.

What will this connection do?

  • We will backup a copy of all your relevant CRM data from 13 standard objects (ask your account manager if you'd like to add additional custom objects)
    • Account
    • Campaign
    • CampaignMember
    • Contact
    • Lead
    • Opportunity
    • OpportunityContactRole
    • OpportunityHistory
    • Profile
    • RecordType
    • Task
    • User
    • UserRole

Could this integration disrupt any business processes or data in my CRM?

  • There are several "safety" mechanisms in place to prevent any business disruption.
  • For data replication from Salesforce, we use the Salesforce Bulk API and copy 10,000 records from each object per request. So our usage is VERY efficient.
  • All instances of CaliberMind start as read-only, so no workflows can accidentally be created that impact your sales data.
  • Eventually you will WANT to create meaningful, scalable and automated business processing using the data in your CaliberMind data lake... but not yet! (We're just getting started).