CaliberMind Knowledge Center


FAQs for all the common stuff you're likely to encounter

Q: How do I install CaliberMind?

A: CaliberMind requires zero installation (see below for details on logging in)!

Q: How do I log into CaliberMind?

A: Check out this guide about Signing In.

Q: How do I get help with something that's not covered in the knowledge base?

A: Check out this article on Getting Help. But in short, start with these FAQs, then the Knowledge Base as a whole (hint: use the search function!), then if all else fails contact Support or your CSM as listed in the guide

Q: Some data is missing from CaliberMind. What gives?

A: Check out the Getting Started guide. And the relevant Enablement guides for your connectors. If you still think something is missing, contact your CSM or Support.