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Lists Overview

LISTS are the core building blocks of data in CaliberMind. Similar to a CRM like SALESFORCE may have data tables (leads, accounts, contacts).

What's special about the CaliberMind database is that LISTS can pull from literally ANY data table in ANY connected system! You can have a list that matches up GOOGLE SHEETS data with MARKETO data, for example. To get you started, every CM instance comes with some very useful LISTS out-of-the box!

Getting to Lists: LIST BUILDER>>HOME (All Lists)

Here are a few quick tips when dealing with lists:

  • Lists have SYSTEM NAMES and user-friendly labels.
    • Friendly names may be like "Salesforce - All Accounts"
    • System names have auto-assigned prefixes and have no special character like "sf_account"
  • Lists can be added to CaliberMind from a variety of sources:
    • File imports
    • Synced from an integration
    • Generated from a query (aka a VIEW)
    • Generated from a FLOW or TEMPLATE
    • A single-view of similar tables (such as email lists from multiple systems)
    • Statistical tables
    • Temporary
    • Backed up and appended in a nightly loop (such as when used for trending, funnel metrics)
  • List may have tags, making them useful in other parts of the application:
    • Account Lists - used for ABM
    • People Lists - used for Demand Generation
    • Signal Lists - used for scoring and filtering other lists
    • Funnel Lists - used to track stages
    • Attribution Lists - used to track revenue attribution

If you're an analyst or data expert -- great news -- you can even edit the underlying code (SQL) in ADVANCED mode!

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